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SpankPay—Crypto Payments Made Sexy

  • -Easy —   1-click payments
  • -Cheap —   0.5% transaction fee
  • -Stable —   Earnings are protected from volatility
  • -Global —   Tap into a global customer base
  • -No Middlemen —   Be your own bank
  • -Irreversible —   Chargebacks no more

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SpankPay is the new standard in crypto-payments for the online adult entertainment industry. By leveraging the power of blockchain, SpankPay offers a simple, seamless, low-cost way for users to consume adult content online.


SpankPay transactions are accepted instantly, allowing viewers to skip the congestion and lag of block confirmations

Lowest Fees

SpankPay charges merchants 0.5% on transactions, lowering costs while increasing platform revenue.


One-Click Payments

Users don’t have to waste time entering personal data. Instead, they can make a purchase from any participating merchant with a single click.

Multi-Crypto Support

SpankPay supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ZCash, Monero and most other top cryptos, as well as the ERC20 Token Standard.

SpankBank - Merchant Owned Credit System


The SpankBank is a revolutionary model of cooperation for the adult industry: a merchant-owned credit system that controls the issuance of our BOOTY ERC20 stablecoin.


High volatility creates an uncertain payment environment as companies and performers cannot comfortably plan for the future. BOOTY’s low volatility makes it a perfect medium for a stable payments.

Subsidize Fees

1 BOOTY equals $1 worth of SpankPay fees, so by staking SPANK you can generate BOOTY to offset your fees.

Network Effects

Help grow the network to increase the amount of BOOTY you generate, and sell your extra BOOTY to other merchants.

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